Frequently Asked Questions

What are we voting on?

  • The bond proposal includes: $55.8 for a new Idaho Falls High School, $28.4 for major renovations to Skyline and $2 million to begin the conversion of the current IFHS campus into a Career Technical Education Center for a total base bond of $86.2 million.
  • Then, parents/patrons will have the chance to vote on $13.3 million in amenities that would include a D91 performing arts center at Skyline and innovative, flexible space at the new Idaho Falls High School that could be used for an auxiliary gym, arts performances and more.

Why do we need to replace Idaho Falls H.S. and rebuild Skyline H.S.?

  • Idaho Falls H.S. is, frankly, so outdated that it can’t be affordably be remodeled (it would cost $46 million and would still be inadequate).
  • Skyline is rapidly approaching the point where it is no longer sufficient for current instructional needs. The proposal is to remodel 80% of the school.

What do we get if we vote “YES”?

  • The new schools will provide modern learning spaces that will provide easy access to critical technology necessary for 21st-century education.
  • The new schools will provide common areas that will enable our high schools students to convene, collaborate and create—allowing students to take advantage of on-line, blended and college-credit classes.
  • The new schools will provide enhanced security for both students and staff.
  • The new schools will make our area more desirable for both people and businesses looking to move to our area, enhancing our competitiveness.
  • Construction will start in 2020 and the new schools will open in 2022.
  • Want to see the plans? Go to

How is District 91 able to do this without a levy rate increase?

The District’s finances are rock solid and between its reserves and our growing property tax base, we can do this without a tax levy increase. Please see the chart below for comparative tax rates of surrounding school districts.