If you would like your name included on our endorsement list please email d91bondendorsement@gmail.com with your name. In addition to being listed on this page, your name could be included on other campaign materials, such as Facebook posts, mailers, print ads, etc. Please indicate if you also would like a spouse listed and how you want your name included. e.g. “Susan and John Doe”, “Susan and Dr. John Doe”, “Susan (Teacher) and John Doe”, etc.

Join Us in Supporting the Bond on August 28th

Joe and Kathy Ahlstrom
Austin and Allie Allen
Jared and Amy Allen
Matt and Karrin Allen
Tom and Lisa Allen
Eric and Angie Anderson
Eric Anderson
Marty and Kim Anderson
Tony and Melissa Anderson
Kip and Julie Archibald
Desi Jenks-Asay and Ken Asay
Paula Bushaw-Ashby
Chase and Devri Aston
Carrie and William Athay
Jessica and Dr. Brodie Atwood
Gray and Kari Augustus
Landry and Sydne Austin
Brad and Suanne Backman
Gregg (teacher) and Karisa Baczuk
Steven and Debra Bailey
Dwight and Lorraine Baker
Lisa and Dr. TJ Baker
Steve and Christine Ball
Weston and Angel Banta
Travis and Christina Barber (teacher)
Glenda Barlow
Bob and Cheryl Barnes
Justin and Lisa Bates
Amy Beck (teacher)
David and Karen Behrmann
Barry and Christine Bennett
Zach and Chalee’ Bennett
Doug and Cindy Benson
Scott (teacher) and Gina Berger
Matt (administrator) and Julie Bertasso
Erin and Dr. Val Bingham
Marcia Bingham
Lori Birch
Scott and Elizabeth Blake
Troy and Marcia Bodily
Scott and Angie Boling
Dr. Ronald Laurids Boring
Kristi Bourgeois
Brad and Karen Bowman
Erin Bowen
Chelsie and Shawn Boyle
Garth and Jamie Braithwaite
Tom and Molly Brinkerhoff
Kimberly Bronson
Stephanie Brough
Ann Broughton
Garry and Connie Buell
Julia and Jeremy Buell
Lisa and Dr. Bryce Burtenshaw
JD and Tara Burton
Brady and Mardell Burton
Monicka and Steve Butler
Linley and Curtis Calder
Bill and Stephanie Call
Kevin and Kelly Call
Jason and Erin Cannon
Ron and Bonnie Carbiener
Dominic Carnazzo
John and Alison Carpenter
Phillip Carr
Rick and Heather Carsone
Lydia and Joe Cash
Carol Casper
Allison and Dr. John Chambers
Brad and Stacey Chapman
Shane and Sarah Cherry
Britney (teacher) and Camden Christensen
Kody and Wendee Christensen
Stacey and Brian Christenson
Brenda Christofferson
Marjorie Clark
Patti Cole
JD and Melisse Conrad
Cory and Stefani Cook (teacher)
Emilie and Eric Cornell
Clint (teacher) and Kass Cornish (teacher)
Juan M. and Maria E. Cortez
Brad and Roz Couch
Kelly Coughenour
Dave and Jeanie Cousin
Holly H. (teacher) and Robert Crawley
Laurel and Kalin Craynor
Homer and Lescley Creutz
Neal and ReNae Cunningham
Jack and Susan Dalton
Troy and Carol Deane
Barry and Lori Dennert
Steve and Lisa Dewey
Michelle Ziel-Dingman and Dayne Dingman
Saige Ballock-Dixon and Corey Dixon
Mike and Nikki Duffin
Christine and Ryan Dustin
DeeAnn and Garth Dustin
Richard and Erin Dyer
Ryan and Jamie Eastman
Elan Eddington
Jeri and Frank Egbert
Debbie and Randy Elwood
TJ Emrich
Todd and Kathy Erikson
Eve Erwin
Jackie Flowers
Marge Foster
Steve and Alison Frei
Jim and Kareen Freeman
Alan and Lexie French
Celeste and Kelly French
Duane and Jana Fugleberg
Jimmy and Milli Gabettas
Greg and Heidi Galbreth
Madi and Tanner Gardner
Joan and Ken Gilbert
Lynn and Michelle Going
Melanie Ames and Javier Gonzales
Heath and Haley Gordon
Kent and Marilyn Granat
Aaron and Marion Gravelle
Jason Oliver and Camille Gregersen
Jason and Amy Grider
Mike and Jeni Griffin
Liz and Travis Grimes
Angie and Todd Groberg
Mike and Natalee Groberg
John Grossenbacher
Heidi Guza (teacher)
Pat and Holly Gyles
Preston and Britnee Hafer
Blake and Kristin Hall
Cole and Lyndsey Hall
Justin and Nicole Hall
Trevor Hall
Dale and Connie Handy
Christian and Elise Hansen
Emily Hanson
Jim Hardy
Aaron and Erin Harris
Larry and Joyce Haws
Dan and Lara Herway
Jenny Herzog
Kyle and Allison Hicken
Craig and Leanne Hill
Lara Hill
Linda J. Hill
Troy Hiltbrand
Scott and Michele Hinschberger
Jerry Hong
Miles (teacher) and Peggy Hurley
Jes and Marci Hurst
Scott and Cheryl Jackson
Ryan and Sheridan Jacobsen
Brett Jensen
Ernest M. Jensen
Aaron and Sarah Johnson
Andy Johnson
Dave and Audrey Johnson
Eric and Julie Johnson
Tom and Nikki Johnson
Travis and Devin Johnson
Wendy Johnson
Alan and Patricia Johnston
Annette and Jeremy Jones
Jeff and Laurie Jones
Kiris and Doug Jones
Zoe Ann Jorgensen
Darren and Jacque Josephson
Paul Menser and Karen Juell
Jennifer and Robert Keathley
Megan and Steve Keller
Nick and Penny Kimmet
George and Robyn King
Melissa Knight
Kevin Koplin
LeLand and Louise Krantz
Dave and Monica Kuhn
Arthur and Annelies Kull
Bryan and Sherri Larson
Julie Lawson
Dr. Glenn and Kathleen Leavitt
Nettie and Brandon Lee
Royce and Annette Lee
Kent and Lynette Lenon
Dave Lent
Jay and Elaine Lewis
Paige and Waylin Lewis
Janet and Dr. Ken Lightheart
Wendy and Dr. Joe Liljenquist
Dr. John Liljenquist
Lynn MacAusland
Steve and Amy Madsen
Jarom and Elena Manwaring
Ryan and Heidi Marlow
Kimber and Kimberly Martin
Michaela Martin
Marco Martin (teacher)
Rev. Pamela and Dr. Roger Mayes
Scott and Krista Mayes (teacher)
James McBride
Kimi and Monte McCall
Jeremy and Lindsay McCracken
Cory and Sara McHugh
Tyson McKay
Martin and Connie McLellan
Alan and Chantal McMurtrey
Mike and Heather Medema
Meg and Kip Mendenhall
Trisha Smith-Miles (teacher) and Jeremy Miles
Chase and Taya Mills
Pete and Holly Molino
Ralph and Linda Moncrief
Betsy Monson
Kay (teacher) and Ken Moor
Dr. Joseph and Sheralee Moore
Courtney Morgan
Mark and Marla Morgan
Nicole and Bart Morrison
Jeff and Kim Nate
Dr. Richard Nathan
Dr. James P. and Linda Neeley
Donevan and Christine Neider
Robert and Peni Neibert
Barbara Nelson
Gerald and Janice Nelson
Louise S. Nelson
Renee Nelson
Mike and Janice Nielsen
Scott and Nicole Nielson
Coleen and Dave Niemann
Joseph and Debra Nilsson
Kevin and Joni Oakey
Brittany Ohman
Adam and Jenny Olsen
Charles and Marsha Olsen
Shawn Orgill
Kyle and Wendy Oswald
Ron and Marilyn Paarmann
Lorin Pack
Eric and Robin Papaioannou
Bryan and Debra Parker
Kaaren Parsons
Renae Paxman
Jonathan Payne
Mark and Terri Pelot
DeRay and Carol Perry
Mark and Penny Peterson
Wayne and Marlene Peterson
Rich and Sondra Phillipp
Ed and Roxann Phillips
Dr. Scott Pickett
Sara and Jeremy Plothow
Joyce and Sam Pole
Adam and Ashley Prophet
Joshua and Heather Rand
Annie and Nick Reichelt (teacher and professor)
Mike and Laura Reisner
Cory and Kelsie Rice
Jaimie and Cade Rindfleisch
Ben and Holli Ritchie
Eric Roberts
Jacob and Marisa Roberts
Mark and Valerie Rodel
Joyce Rogers
Nathan and Michelle Rolston
Abraham and Renee Romo
Jim and Karen Ruggiero
Jeff and Sarah Sanders
Luke and Lindsay Searle
Carrie and Jerry Scheid
Sean (teacher) and Shannon Schmidt
Chelsea and Larry Schofield
Bailee and Daniel Sessions
Jeff and Kami Shadley
David V. and Michelle Shaw
Kade and Jeanine Shelley
Jerry and Ann Shively
Carrie and Dr. Christian Shull
Todd and Jillian Sleight
Steve and Shelly Smede
Catherine and Christopher Smith
Chandler and Madalyn Smith
David Smith
Payton and Leslie Smith
Karen and Dr. Scott Smith
Kellan and Linda Smith
Kris and Curtis Smith
Dr. Steve and Melanie Smith
Gregg and Lisa Snarr
Mike and Daryl Snyder
Brett and Kelly Somsen
Joy and Phil Sorensen
Rick Spielman
Jan and Ron Spruill
Robert and Robin Staker
Kevin and Jody Stanger
John and Colette Stenersen (teacher)
Kelly and Jon Stenquist
Teresa and Don Stevens
Austin and Caitlin Strobel
John and Jan Strobel
Steve and Bonnee Taggart
Chet and Kim Taylor
Elisa and Jim Taylor
Ken and Karma Taylor
Frances Teske (teacher)
Shawn and Kristi Thurber
Frank and Amber Tomasetti
Ann and Dr. Matt Traynor
Molly and John Treasure
Audie and Paula Trudell (teacher)
Brian and Annjennette Tucker
Taylor and Nancy Tucker
Scott and Katie Ulrich
Evelyn and Morris Van Campen
Carina and Gene VanPelt
Mark and Gaylene Verdoorn
Anne Voilleque
Christina and Bob Wadsworth
Keith and Allyson Walker
Rollie and Sally Walker
Deidre and Dr. David Warden
Matthew and Jessica Watrous
Heide Weatherby
Cynthia Wescoat
Jeremy and Holli Westwood
Shelby and Joel Whiting
Michael and Tammie Whyte
Dave and Emily Wilding
Michelle Wilkins
Brent Wilson
Lynette and Larry Wilson
Rob Thornberry and Margaret Wimborne
Whitney and Adam Winter
Jerry Wixom
Brittney and Devin Wood
Matt and Debbie Woodard
Zack and Stephanie Woods
Kris and Rochelle Wright
Steve and Julie Wright
Colter and Marisa Yde
Geyron and Jessica Zaugg