Build Up District 91 is a grassroots effort of patrons WITHIN District 91 who are strong advocates for:

  1. A new Idaho Falls High School
  2. A renovated and modernized Skyline High School
  3. Converting the old Idaho Falls High School into an active and vibrant campus including a Career Technical Center, District Administration Center and Community Center. 

We operate with no overhead.  100% of your donations are spent to help spread the message to our community regarding the bond.  

Unfortunately, there is a loud minority opposition group that used considerable resources to spread misinformation during the last bond campaign and are already actively fighting the new bond.

By Idaho law, the school district cannot campaign for or against the bond. It is up to us as concerned parents and patrons to promote the necessity of this bond passing.

Please join us.  Every dollar counts. No amount is too small.  Our students appreciate your generosity.